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If you are satisfied with our service then simply provide us a credit card number to activate your license at any time.

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How do I activate my account?

Your account is activated by providing your payment information.
You will be able to finish your trial before billing commences.

How am I billed?

Once activated, accounts are invoiced and billed on a monthly basis including annual contracts.

For annual commitments your discount is included in each month’s statement.
An annual discount of $120 would result in $10 less on each month’s bill.

Bills consist of two parts, your base group rate which is determined by your group type,
and any user licenses that you have purchased or that are set to be renewed that month

I'm not sure how many user licenses I need

You have the option of purchasing credits for your users instead of using a monthly license.
Credits can be purchased ahead of time and are used up as your users need them.

When do I need a license?

A license will be selected from your group's license pool for a user when they access a function requiring licensed access.
This allows you to have more users listed in your group than you have licenses.

You can specify in your membership settings what license limits your users have when using Branches.

Licenses are typically active for 1 month from the date of first use and any previous license would be freed for another users use.
When a basic credit is upgraded to a regular credit the remaining value of the basic license is credited to the regular license.