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Tracking and Workflow

What we can do for you:

  • Create an audit trail of interactions with your customers
  • Delegate information to specific users.
  • Automated delegation based on the background information of your staff and customers
  • Define action scripts to keep your staff on message with your customers.
  • Customize email templates to reduce employee time spent on common tasks
  • Ensures that a high QoS is maintained across your data flow patters
  • Track the progress of your staff team on multiple levels
  • Secure your data without hindering authorized staff from performing their duties

Tasks, Actions and Outcomes

Tasks: Predefine actions that should be taken under certain conditions.
Actions: Easily record specific interactions with customers.
Outcomes: Easily track the results of your interactions with customers.

Tracking actions and outcomes enables Branches to develop a picture over time of how you can more effectively interact with your customers.
Branches uses these indicators in its reporting and statistical analysis to help you identify patterns and relationship between your customers and desired outcomes.

Data Delegation

Branches provides both manual and automated information delegation options.
Once collected, forms can be sent to specific users based on user credentials and preference based matching.
Preference based matching examines the characteristics of the form that you have collected and group members to create a ranked match that better reflects a favourable connection between your group members and the information that needs to be processed.
Put limits on the number of open contacts that users may have at a given time.

Track Emails and Messages

Allow your staff to interact with your customers directly without having to sign in to Branches.
Messages can be sent to contacts directly though Branches and tracked. We can even tell you when a contact has opened your message.
Responses to messages are automatically added to a contact's profile and forwarded to any users that they have been assigned to.