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Data Collection

What we can do for you:

  • Streamline customer feedback processes
  • Embed forms in your website
  • Create secured forms for your employees
  • Track the interactions that your staff have with your customers
  • Collect distributed data from across your organization
  • Create an audit trail for your data
  • Simplify the process of designing and managing data collection processes.

Web based forms

Easily design powerful data entry forms, supporting a variety of different data types and scenarios.
Branches significantly reduces the number of decisions you have to make in providing you with easy to use, well suited data entry points.
Built around core concepts of what makes data entry easy to set up and easy to use, our simplified multistep approach will allow you to get your data into Branches and working for you in no time.


Create and collect an unlimited number of forms.
Branches bills you for your staff account not for the number of forms you create or how many of them are filled out.


We provide 128 bit encryption on all our data entry points.
Whether you or your clients use our service you will have the added assurance that all transmitted information is secure and protected.


Easily embed forms directly into your own website.


Tested with multiple datasets of several million items, Branches is sure to reliably scale with you and your customers needs.

Import existing data

For those that already have collected data, Branches provides an import tool capable of creating your forms from existing data that already have on hand.
We support a flexible architecture that enables you to modify existing forms while preserving your existing data.