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Information Analysis

Branches is committed to providing good tools to help you understand your data.
Perhaps the most challenging aspect of any business is making sense of the numbers.

Our software employs a number of techniques to help you spot trends and enable you to identify how to accelerate momentum in your business.


Easily break up large data sets into manageable and meaningful sets to be used for searching, messaging and delegating information.
In multi group mode Branches also allows information to be aggregated across multiple child groups.

  • Chart your data based on filters and time.
  • Analyze patterns over groups in your organization.
  • Isolate key factors in achieving your organization's goals.


Quickly spot the conditions needed to increase the likelihood of achieving specific outcomes.

  • Chart the frequency of outcomes against data and actions over time.
  • Isolate source conditions for an outcome to occur.

User Performance

Measure user progress for delegated contacts.

  • Chart a users progress for particular actions and outcomes.
  • View the number of outstanding and completed contacts that a user has.
  • Compare user performance side by side.

The Branches Challenge

We are committed to the ongoing process of working with our customers to locate better analyses and patterns in order to provide you with the best tools and information possible.
If you have a specific challenge in understanding your data please ask us and we will work with you to provide you with a good solution.