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Collaboration and Communications

What we can do for you:

  • Facilitate conversations with multiple users
  • Centralize and manage your digital documents in our centralized resource center.
  • Create multiple news channels to target information to various teams
  • Embed your news items directly into your website and have them automatically updated when they change in Branches.
  • Manage subscriber lists and get information on who's opening and viewing your campaign.
  • Connect data from anywhere in your group to subscriber lists and news updates.

A Better Way to collaborate

Connect information and resources to the right people in your organization securely and easily with our unified framework. The unified framework links together the branches of your company, teams and users to make it easier to share information with them. If a user exists in a branch that you select then they will have access to the information.

Users can share information up or down the tree and even across your entire organization while protecting the privacy of other groups in the tree. This approach reduces the time that it takes to distribute information and also enables your corporate office to have a much better handle on what is happening across the organization.

Our unified framework also more importantly filters out irrelevant information. If you have news that needs to be sent to a specific set of teams then you can simply select that branch to send to. Unlike a list serve that bombards and frustrates staff, the news area conveniently organizes news items and lets the user customize how they receive updates about what’s happening.


Our conversation tool allows you to chat / message multiple team and group members at the same time.
You can add and remove users at any time, attach documents and link to resources.
When accessing linked materials any relevant conversations will be shown to the user.


Create news items that can be shared with teams, groups and posted directly to your website.
News digests can be scheduled to be sent out to group members automatically and are tailored to include only news items relevant to the target user.
Link your public news to a subscription list to provide customers with new information about products and services that you are offering.


Centralize your documents and information in a resource center that allows for easy anytime access.
Allow users to post comments and rate resources.
Share resources with social media sites with one click of a button.
Leave the worry and hustle of backups behind by securely storing your information offsite.


Group members together in team to provide a more localized and targeted information.

Link your Groups

Connect multiple groups to enable them to share resources, forms and other materials.
Linked groups also allow for data mining across the hierarchy without interfering with individual groups daily functions.
Linked groups also saves you money as only one license per user is required across the organization.