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What we can do for you:

  • Securely collect and track customer information.
  • Store files and documents in an online repository.
  • Manage mass mailings and track their effectiveness.
  • Streamline news updates for staff and clients.
  • Easily integrate forms and news on your existing website.
  • Enable staff to securely collaborate and communicate online.
  • Define workflow processes for collected information to keep staff on message and on task.
  • Seamlessly track messages sent to and from customers
  • Manage information between multiple corporate offices and locations.
  • Extract and report on data from across your network.
  • Securely store data offsite to prevent theft and unauthorized access your information.

An affordable solution

  • No need to manage expensive servers, IT personal or costly software.
  • Store your information off-site, secured and backed up.
  • Plans are based on data usage and the number of active users that you have.
    Sample plans

    Starting Group @ $30/month + 4 additional basic users @ $5/month/user = $50/month.
    Enhanced Group @ $50/month + 8 additional regular users @ $25/month/user = $250/month.

    See pricing for more details.

Our Commitment

Your success is our success. If you require a new feature or an adaptation to an existing one, ask us. We will work with you to understand your needs and see if we can either develop a solution now or keep it for future consideration.