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How to use the help tool.

  • Pages
    Major locations that you can navigate to in Branches. You will see these as sub links and at any time you can click on 'help' in the upper right hand corner of your screen to view the help files associated with that page.
  • Sections
    Areas within a page containing key functionality that you can use. Some pages contain major sections alone the top, such as a section for setup but under these may also be sub sections, such as for security.
  • Tutorials
    Walk throughs of how to use key functions in Branches. Most tutorials are associated with a particular page or section which will show on your left help navigation bar.

  • Below are also listed some of the top pages and tutorials that have been recently viewed by other users.
    If we are missing a particular topic please click on the support link on the bottom right hand corner of your browser to let us know and we will try to get some new info out to you and to other users in a timely manner.
    A short tutorial on how to find your way around Branches.
    This tool is used to create reports on data collected, actions and outcomes selected and the tasks that users have completed.
    Form Setup
    Create surveys and forms for data collection here.
    Global Stats Reports