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How to navigate Branches

A short tutorial on how to find your way around Branches.

There are 3 primary navigation elements:
  • the toolbar
  • page links
  • section headings


The toolbar is located along the top of your page and contains links to the 3 main sections of branches on the left hand side:
  • Dashboard – basic areas and functions for most users
  • Reports – understating the information you’ve collected/li>
  • Setup – administrative areas
If you have messages then you will see a mail icon display with the number of new unread items next to it. To remove these items simply click on the mail icon and then on the message that you want to view/mark as read.

On the right hand portion of your toolbar should appear your name which is a link to your profile and settings for which groups you are a part of and some basic information about you. Simply click your name to edit these settings.

Below this you will find your group name which links to the group directory, lets you great a new group and if you are an admin to the settings for your group.

Each toolbar has a selectable list of groups that you are a member of and you can switch to that group at any time by selecting it from that list.

Page Links

Located directly below the toolbar these are links to the various pages that are for the section that you are in.
For example: if you are in the dashboard section then you will have page links that reflect those core functions.

Section Headings

Each page also has section headings that indicate the sort of functionality that you can select from. These options will appear above below the page link across the top of the page or along the left hand side of the page. These sections typically denote an area or set of areas that you can work within.